We tune most makes and models using the latest tuning tools and software. We have an in-house dyno and can offer hardware packages i.e. exhaust system and modified intakes etc.

Eurospec has a full dealer level tuning suite including BSL and BDM tools from Alientech, EVC and the newest state of the art CMD flash tools.

Our tuner, Ben Conroy and James O’Connor has been tuning for over 20 years all around the world and understands the difficulties in writing software and tuning vehicles for Australian conditions.

SpecTune unlocks the true performance of your vehicles engine through advanced ECU Tuning resulting in an increase to vehicle power and torque safely throughout the entire RPM range. This unique process is accomplished by calibrating how the ECU communicates to the engines vital components to provide a true performance experience.

Our Difference:

  • All our software calibrations come with before and after Dyno results

  • Custom calibrated.  We carry out extensive data logging to ensure your tune is running at peak performance without compromising engine safety and driveability.  Between us and SpecTune HQ we Calibrate each vehicle until its right. No 1 size fits all with SpecTune!

Key points:

  • 30% average increase in Power and Torque + better throttle response

  • Tuned specifically to your vehicle

  • Choose your power delivery type

  • Tuned to suit Australian conditions

  • Complete custom tuning available

  • Factory ECU safety mechanisms used for reliability

  • Completely reversible back to the factory tune

  • All ECU algorithms calibrated correctly to deliver ultra-smooth performance

  • Option to switch between tune types in the comfort of your home or workplace

  • Engineered to work in all environments

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